Whetting Occam's Razor

by Momentum

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released May 11, 2012



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Track Name: Prelude
consider; we are the mouth piece
sensory organs of this universe
the culmination of countless increments
forged in the furnace of disparate stars

consider; we are the cosmos
we are the fabric observing itself
our very nature, deliberation
an infinite lattice of sentient thought

given this gift, with which we have squandered
failed custodians of a planet
unable to bear the weight of our girth
infatuation with indignant effigies
rendering ourselves unable to hear

untuned receivers, inept we are baffled
by the stifling clamor of a trillion mouths
our incomprehension from malnutrition
starving cerebrum, cut off from the source
our epoch short lived, unable to breath

catatonic! we ignore forewarning!
or invitation
to expand ideas!
for the benefit of all.

vessels, corroded with obtuse lore!

Life itself is the logical conclusion of the many physical reactions of complex elements and environments – it is an inevitability that provides this universe with the five senses. If we are to look beyond the archaic ideology of a deity and a creation myth, a wonderful analogy is to imagine the universe rather like that of an organism, that we are its constituent parts and that every movement, from the smallest molecule to a collapsing star – is linked by energy and gravity, amongst a myriad of other subtle changes that chime the ebb and flow of existence. To imagine us as those senses of the universe, we allow it to observe itself. And yet, despite this, we are deaf and dumb to possibilities presented before us, wrapped up in the mountains of trivial nonsense that plague our ability to progress. We do not listen and we do not learn. It is frightening to imagine that through our own short sightedness, our existence will go out like a spent candle, without ever full comprehending the majesty of being alive.
Track Name: Emergence
we raised the first rib, as a sign of dominion
we placated no god as we devoured our kin
we crawled in the swill, the ignoble race
Incontinent pride, our prevailing trait

our pedagogue! a blind discord!
insatiable violence begets more violence

our sapience, our pedigree,
our quality callous enmity
We chastise, belittle our ward
blindly cast conjecture

bipedal apes cower in droves
we are not worthy of our own pardon

Tarred with the same brush
we choke on our own words
marred by our puerile
sense of self worth

‘Humanity’.—We do not regard the animals as moral beings. But do you suppose the animals regard us as moral beings?—An animal which could speak said: ‘Humanity is a prejudice of which we animals at least are free.’ (Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak: Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality,
Track Name: Theory
Why can’t we see? is it the glare that blinds?
[we] can’t comprehend with such facile words
Abstract thought is no grace of man
A trillion lost causes the fate of our effect

Fundamental ideas that we glean
charged to engage with our surroundings
or we are no more just than those now blind by faith
this iron sphere revolves blind of our presence

When we stood tall, we covered our eyes
antagonism replaced any intrigue
so fearful of loosing, poised for offense
cut back the wheat, to cultivate chaff

will we repeat
this tragic succession
of turgid descent
to tear the mantle

draining the cruor
trite in our feelings
glib in our squander
of this beautiful world

From the moment we stood upright, we attained a sense of entitlement that propelled us to migrate north, cutting down all that stood in our way. Our history is peppered with acts of horrific violence, culminating with the rape and slaughter of the Neanderthal race amongst hundreds of other species. Our legacy is one of a complete disregard for this planet and the species we share it with. Our mythology, be that abandoned or still readily taught is a profound example of stubborn justification of these acts. We are told time and time again by unbiased, thinking minds that we are killing this planet, that our movements will not do anything to help us in the long run, and yet we shrug it off, we quote millenia old texts for assurance, we continue to cut the earth for resources we no longer need, and in our arrogance see this as just. We are the definition of finite.
Track Name: Vast
Unfathomable coagulate matter
torrents of aether breach the gulf

emulsion strands, life and fall
roiling vigor, birthing stars

immemorial! consume and condense
what beauty we see in the arc of gas giants

Full beyond measure of elegant truths
Awesome machinery of nature

stride in fecund steps across stellar tides
stare at the corona, radiate light!

spectrum penumbra, invert incandescent
the glorious blackness of entropy

eyes stripped until nothing and yet we bare witness
400 billion suns! 400 billion suns!

from this vantage, periphery of vision
event horizon eyes! we absorb all!

We are able to glimpse the awesome beauty of the universe – to see the nebula from which stars are born, to watch the very light drawn towards black holes – it is possible to understand the awesome expanses and mindblowing endlessness of the universe. It is this that we must embrace to learn a little modesty, to be humbled by what lies beyond this place we call home. As Carl Sagan once said,

“The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. Thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every hero and coward,
every creator and destroyer of civilization, every saint and sinner in the history of our species, think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light, and underscores our responsibility and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot.”
Track Name: Gather
amalgamation, amino inception
the thriving womb of our forebears

the tireless reach across ocean epochs
the graceful agony of progression

for we have smelted cells
to carve new scales in hide
in turn recast feathers
with which we did take flight

the hardship of famine, in spite of cataclysm
survive and surpass in the face of all odds

The graceful agony of progression

crawl from below, descend from above
to incubate for millenia,
desperately clinging to the menagerie

Evolution by natural selection is a beautiful yet incredibly simple process that allows the stronger genes to survive. It is an ongoing struggle, the rise of species through individuals ability to adapt against the elements, the giraffe with the longest neck that reaches the branches their brethren cannot reach, thus surviving and pairing with another giraffe endowed with these genes. It is an endless marathon, a word to describe not a force, but an action, that the fittest will survive. In the first world, we simply exist. We do not see the starvation, fear and desperation of survival in the wild and therefor the word may be lost to us. But all life is, to some degree – a struggle to a survive.
Track Name: Void
fastidiously coddle these crumbling tenets!
prop up the putrid corpulent prophets!

overlords enamoured with this sense of sanctity
debauched they practice intolerable acts

animate their jaws to spout brittle realities,
shattering as they speak these grave inaccuracies

through gritted teeth! I spit at thee!
cross bearing bastards, death cults of Christendom

justifying the teaching of fiction, curtailing the learning of billions of children

eat of the septic meats of emaciated [pagan] gods
humiliated we drag them from their vaults

ideograms tempered in imperfect ore
glorifying necrophilia

abandoned apocrypha
coffin god

Christianity was formed around an Eschatological cult, they believed the end of the world was about to occur,ushering its followers into the kingdom of heaven. At the time, the christ myth was the basis of this idea, a creed stolen predominantly from pagan religions such as Mithraism. There is no evidence that christ ever existed, his deeds the product of conjecture and his very existence a construction of hearsay. A passing glance at the mythology of many pagan deities will give you a check list of the attributes of jesus, born of a virgin, king of kings, son of a god, murdered for our sins. It is an archetype overused, ending with the popularity of christianity and the adoption of said religion by the Roman empire, thus cementing its strangle hold on a great many minds.
Track Name: Lineage
“From the Stars Above”
Written by Greg Bennick and Alex CF

Humanity , curious and fearful of its own existence
seeking place and purpose, in directions moving endlessly forward
yet side to side dodging inevitable truths
seemingly alone in a vast expanse of nothingness, both outside and within
from birth to death, longing for guidance and security
and all the while hoping these things will be found upon the earth
and yet we gaze to the stars for connection
points of fire above, reflecting points of inspired hope within
we breathe deep into the night, terrified of the darkness
motivations become twisted when insecurity takes control
to be corrupted is the easy path, but the real answer has been there all along
the stars are ancestors, forecasting the future for us through their sense of eternity
perhaps we are destined to follow them through the sky
transforming over immense stretches of time so vast
they make our entire history seem like a drop of water in an endless sea
stars have shaped every facet of our being
we owe our existence and continued survival to daydreams at night
to spheres of super heated gasses that crowd the night sky
offering a sense of endless distance and calm
seen as forefathers and gods, mothering and close
from afar the turbulent expulsion of matter and energy from the inception of
the universe, brings from their first moments, atom bound to atom
cast out from their celestial womb, molded by the vigorous hand of gravity
a release of elemental power, forming suns, cooling into planets
the worlds within.
so intrinsic to our being, yet so simple at the core
the explanation always above us, radiating heat and light
the fundamental truth, that within us the radiance
our brilliance reflected, do we dare to let ourselves know
that we, at our core
we are made of stars.
Track Name: Miopia
eschatological cults of abraham
forsaken children of a malevolent god

spreading violent lies in the name of “peace”
bigot scripture!

2000 years we heeded false words, reject insubstantial doctrine!
Track Name: Omen
We turn our heads aloft
We search out patterns

When they fail to emerge
we interpret vague notions

vacuous mantric cries!

upon the curvature of meteor trails
we construct ideology, deluded cartography
to embellish hollow lives

blossoming ribbons, aurora glow
the gossamer shafts through broken cloud

eyes of jealous gods watch eternal
finite digression warrant enduring pain

the sun will reach its zenith
ushering sacrifice
warranting blood shed

how wrong we are
to see such malice
in natures graceful
unthinking utterance

A chemist can look at an incredible sunset after a storm and understand the physics at work that allows such an event to occur, light refracting through water vapour, simplistic yet beautiful. His words do not detract from the beauty, but explain it. Yet so many with faith appear to think explanations shatter said beauty. A perfect moment is not destroyed because we understand it, just as offering the hearts of children to sky gods could not appease the sun when eclipsed by the moon. Explanations offer our consciousness room for expansion, to look beyond the superstitious and to fully comprehend the “awesome machinery of nature” as Carl Sagan often put it.
Track Name: Kin
we always reject what is blatantly clear
choosing one life worth more than another

we cannot dare claim civility
when we inflict such suffering

moments of affinity
quickly quashed by abject fear
of seeing the face our own anatomy

empathy suffers the final blow
when we condone murder
in the face of familiarity

Homo sapien, Pan paniscus
our inherent difference is negligible

and yet our own deference, a palpable urge
to separate, so we don’t endure their pain

Is this how we want it to be?
our own family cast aside?
do we continue sublime horror
infect flesh in vain hope of cure
financial gains from febrile blood

We are taking lives for a species best left to rot.

I recently watched a video of a group of ex laboratory chimps released from a rescue centre, where they hadn’t had access to natural sunlight due the carers worrying about the psychological effects of seeing such things after years of imprisonment and torture, They were victims of AIDS and cancer vivisection research. Let me repeat that. They had never seen sunlight. These chimps were not young either, most of their lives had been in captivity, in a state of endless pain and suffering. When released, they were so obviously terrified, baring their teeth, which is often misunderstood as a smile. They cowered and hugged one another, but gradually they had the courage to explore. The scenes of them hugging each other for joy, running around like children brought me to tears. I cannot begin to understand how anyone could condone the treatment of these sentient, intelligent wonderful people. Humans are not entitled to this word anymore. Our barbary, malice and arrogance proves we are not worthy of such pedestals.
Track Name: Mercy
If you cut me do I not bleed?
under fur and skin a fabric of nerves
pain is what binds, beyond recognition
I defy you to question this end

lacking the fibre to show compassion
a blatant disregard for empathy
one set of rules for us, another for them
I implore you to fucking care

lacerate flesh! inconsequential!
tear calves from mothers and then murder them!
in a frightful display of indifference
to witness their cries and shrug your shoulders..

violent denial of whats in front of your face
your choice to condone a holocaust
[they're] unable to speak the words to forbid
their breath is not yours to take

elevating ourselves with divine arrogance
to commit acts of rape and slavery
defile, deflect, sanction torture
These are your articles of faith

We like to stand atop our pedestals and dictate rights and wrongs, yet very few of us consider the silent endless atrocious holocaust, of babies born into a cycle of birth, rape and death, of mothers screaming out for their young, as they themselves are filed into torture chambers to have metal poles inserted through their brains, to have their throats cut so they bleed to death in horrific agony – or to live a life, endlessly raped and impregnated by strangers, to be forced to lactate until your skin is raw with infection and then unceremoniously and barbarically murdered when you are no longer able to give milk. This is the reality of the human condition, we have constructed invisible walls inside us that limit our capacity to consider our actions and to care. Knowledge is the key to understanding, taking the time to know where your food comes from and what you are contributing to or condoning will raise your awareness.
Track Name: Culture
cajoled by theories
designed to enthrall
simple semantics that bury cognition

stained checkered table cloths
and leather bound dishonesty
teaching our children so they’re able to loath

castrated eager minds
capable of such depth
installing prejudice against nature

taking the rights of women
to make their own choice

usurping our right to govern [ourselves]
without hateful belief

rejecting the learned teachings
of the most important minds

Traditions that stifle
oppress and control
axioms vile subjugation of truth

Born into patrimony
to marry and propagate
tethered and subservient without hope of escape

Cultural and religious norms include and condone forced marriage, institutionalised rape, beatings and murder, incest, honour killing and wounding, genital mutilation, the taking of all rights from women, homosexuals hanged for who they love, torture, religiously motivated murder..the list is endless. How have we come to this? What motivates societies to allow such things to occur? and perhaps what is worse, we justify and allow such things to continue because we are told to respect “cultural practices?” If we consider ourselves equal, and civilised, then we have equal right to condemn and end such acts.
Track Name: Masters
mourn its passing, avert your gaze!
the anthropocene era and its ending days
we will shun our fossil traits
our blighted slate, never immaculate

our talon hands left cutting remarks
now weathered, leave coherent scars

we thought ourselves masters
considered just
we forfeit reason
became corrupt
in heady glory
and senseless words
we pardoned
our atrocity

our trophy now embellished with this sorry prize
yellowed contrivances rusted idioms
the sun could not bleach
leaving our sorry resume

At some point, quite soon, it is not too far fetched to imagine that homo sapien, a species of hominid, will become extinct through our own stupidity, and perhaps our actions will be faded by the movements of tides, by the sun, by time itself. Yet the lasting reminder of our idiocy will be clear to see – because our bones will lie in the earth and our absence proof of our arrogance.
Track Name: Epicene
Spoken word – our consciousness belittles us. Vapid ideals and stagnant ideas have tethered identity to chromosomes
We disparage when we should empower, we are bound by inherent traits, yes! We assume roles of instinct, yes!
But flesh and mind are malleable, formed of nurture and of nature, but disillusioned with traitorous actions
our bodies drawn and quartered by our own fair hands.

when we separate gender, we cut off every nose to spite every face. We sanctify a society that regards
anatomy above ability. Flesh is the most intimate the most personal, liked or loathed it is yours and only yours.
Those who violate it are a product of a society that sanctions and supports constraints around genitalia, fashioned
upon abhorrent creed, not common sense and empathy.

We are our own masters, of teeth and skin and hair and bone and we are greater than the sum of our parts.
Track Name: Gender
We masquerade as divided parties
pursue archaic gender roles

deny our own needs, suppress desire
tolerate cruelty above self worth
miopia, wallowing in virulent bacteria

to objectify!
to define!
to find disgust!
in flesh alone!

our conscience divined from corrupted doctrine
scrawled from the phallus of impotent men

with false intent, deny the nature
intolerant of our very definition!

chattering teeth and grubby hands
discern the fate of chromosome

stained enamel, the mouths they do mumble
inanities, falsities – taint the contours of skin!

we must seek refuge and deconstruct
gender, to a singular form

sexuality cannot be partitioned
inherently self fulfilling